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Posted May 23, 2014 at 12:01 am

Dinobots!  I don't care what your opinions of the Michael Bay movies are, they're giving us Dinobot toys now, and so that means they have now been totally justified forever.   Emotionally shallow?  Dinobots!  Annoyingly jingoistic?  Dinobots!  Frequent racist undertones?  .... Dinobots....?

Well anyway, here's Scorn.  He's a new Dinobot, a spinosaurus, and he has a new name.  And it's a pretty good new name!  It's a one-syllable word that starts with S, so it's off to a great start by fitting the existing pattern, but the actual name is, y'know, Scorn, which is pretty awesome in itself.  

Presuming he's in the film, he likely won't be this bright red and orange the toy is, which is too bad.  I mean, I understand why the toy is bright colors -- Hasbro has a job to do, and that job is to sell attractive-looking toys to children.  And, well, a span of like seven solid gray dinosaurs doesn't seem all that exciting on pegs.  Or in the movie, really, but oh well.  I've stopped caring about movie accuracy.  Give me a red and orange guy.  

Hasbro reps said at Toy Fair that the Dinobots transform in the movie, but to be honest, Scorn's robot mode doesn't really feel like it.  Other than the vestigial teeth on his hips, he doesn't feel like he's got the fake altmode kibble on him that most movie designs do.  He transforms more like someone designed from the ground up by Hasbro than an ILM design.  You know, kinda Beast Wars traditional-style, with the head hand and the tail hand.  His head is also kind of simple -- all of the non-Grimlock Dinobots have pretty simple helmeted heads, none of which feel particularly movie-y.  But this is a new trilogy with a new artistic direction (everyone else has pretty humanoid faces now rather than being all monstery) so who knows.

All this said, Scorn is pretty awesome.  He's easily the best Dinobot of the three that came out at launch.  He also feels more massive than his wavemate Slug (the Triceratops).  Though they're both roughly the same height in robot mode, Scorn is way larger in beast mode.  He's also got a pretty well-articulated head and neck, with desired joints in the dino legs and shoulders as well.  He's a great spinosaurus.  He's probably the best toy of the first wave.  

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