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Posted March 13, 2013 at 11:04 pm
The two Autobot Recordiguys in the eHobby Shattered Glass set are Rewind and Ramhorn, and both borrow their color schemes from Rumbles.  SG Rewind is patterned after the unreleased G2 Go-Bot Rumble and SG Ramhorn is patterned after the comics-only movie universe Rumble (who was a little blue rhino partner for Soundwave).

SG Rewind is stalwart in its attempt to homage G2 Rumble.  In addition to the base colors, there are a trio of stickers which seal the deal.  Two of them go on his legs and mimic the sculpted shapes on G2 Rumble's legs.  The final one says "VINNY'S MOTORS" and goes on Rewind's back.  That's going the extra mile, and I appreciate it.

SG Ramhorn is in blue with some gray accents to make him look more movie-segmentedy, plus he comes with a sticker that gives him more chunks of movie innards striped down his midsection.

Since these are new guys to the set and to everywhere, they get their personalities here.  Rewind is, uh, a hunter/tracker guy who's gathering Cybertronic wildlife so SG Blaster can have a bunch of animal dudefriends like Sir Soundwave.  Ramhorn is one of these Cybertronic wildlives.  I don't think either are particularly very SGy in concept, but whatcha gonna do.  I think SG Rewind should be like the dude from Memento, personally.  It feels like a better twist on who normal Rewind is.  And Ramhorn... I dunno.  I do like that he's given "Chaos Generator cannons" that seriously fire random, unpredictable things.  That could be a source of fun.   Like, *blam* rubber chickens!  *blam* confetti!  *blam* actual bullets!  *blam* Liam Neeson!

Colors- and homage-wise I definitely can't complain.  Getting their appearances from G2 Rumble and Movie Rumble is an interesting choice.
Posted February 20, 2013 at 3:13 am

Okay, fine, so here's the other Autobot Recordicons who aren't Sunder.  Sunder's definitely the prettiest, but there's all these other guys, too, y'know?  Like Eject and Rewind, who are retools of Frenzy and Rumble and operate exactly like they do.  Drop 'em, then pull out the feet and rotate down the arms.  Getting them back into data disk mode is moderately difficult.  And there's Steeljaw, who comes with Blaster, who's Ravage with a new head.  He's as awful as Ravage is, unsurprisingly.  Drop him, and then do a bunch of other transforming, and then cry trying to get him back into data disk mode, because it's that tedious.

But the real star of every single damn one of these, Decepticons included, is Ramhorn.  He's his own new mold, even, but I would be okay if they made him into a buncha other dudes, because he's great.  So get this:  You drop him, and he not only auto-transforms all the way with no further prodding needed, but he also bounces up off the ground and lands on his feet!  Like a cat, sort of!  So that puts him one up on Laserbeak/Buzzsaw/Ratbat in that he has feet to land on and lands on them.  And he's simple to put back into data disk mode.  He is the champ.  He is perfection.  He's like what all these other guys shoulda been, somehow!

He's not as efficient with his mass as the other guys, and so he's much smaller in rhino mode than everyone else is in their respective modes.  This is another blessing in disguise because since the perimeter of his data disk mode is mostly empty (he's not a good disk), he squeezes out of Blaster a little better.  There's less stuff to get caught.  He still doesn't squeeze out great, but he squeezes out better.

So Ramhorn's the best data disk guy.  Sunder's the best-colored.

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