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Posted May 27, 2010 at 2:01 am
Optikk is the most-clothed of Skeletor's goons.

The comic I drew about Optikk endeared him to me.  I had to have him.  Masters of the Universe figures are, in general, really fucking goofy, but Optikk, I feel, has some extra special goofiness that I enjoy.

1) He's an evil Space Mutant.  He's an evil Space Mutant that has a special sticker decrying his goofy Space Mutant-ness right next to where it says "ADULT COLLECTOR" on the packaging bubble.  (there is no shame here)

2) He's an eyeball man who can communicate his given name only through a series of blinks... despite having no eyelids.  He can't even speak his native language!  He is, for all intents and purposes, a mute eyeball man!

3) He is a mute eyeball man named Optikk with an eyeball-themed shield and an eyeball on the end of his raygun.  (A raygun, mind you, that has an external revolving bullet chamber.)

Unfortunately, Dinobot's eye was bigger than his stomach.

And he was originally a New Adventures of  He-Man villain, which I think was underappreciated.  Campbell "friggin'" Lane makes a charismatic Skeletor.  Hell, and with He-Man voiced by Garry Chalk, it's practically a Beast Wars voice cast precursor.

Optikk's articulation is what you'd expect from a 6-inch Mattel action figure.  His chest detail is actually a plastic vest attached around your default Masters of the Universe chest.  (That's right, he's got nipply pectorals under there.)  I read that his arms and legs are recycled from Trap-Jaw, but with them done up entirely in gold, it's not immediately obvious.  Sculpted into his back is a fake little dial that corresponds to the original Optikk toy's gimmick: if you turned the dial on his back, his eyeball would move back and forth.  On this figure, you can do that just by manually turning the head itself.

Punch a Space Mutant? Can anybody punch a Space Mutant? I wonder.

He comes with an extra red eyeball that you can swap in for the green one, if you so choose.  Apparently that's what color his eye was in the original cross-sell photography?  That's sort of neat, I guess.  I'm more in favor of it being an eyeball accessory for other figures.  Some of my Transformers have heads small enough that they can fit up into its balljoint socket, so that's some more hours of fun.

Since I missed out on buying Optikk myself because is a piece of shit,  a generous reader called Mysterious Stranger managed to grab me one and mail me it.  He requested that there be a photo of Batman punching him.  His wish has been granted.

Thanks, Mysterious Stranger!
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