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Posted May 10, 2012 at 7:06 pm

We got a Shattered Glass Jazz years before we got a "Classics" Jazz, but I was pretty fine with that.  We were bound to get a "real" Jazz eventually, and we did!  And now we'll get a new Jazz every year until the end of time.  But this Shattered Glass Octopunch business, I just dunno.   I don't expect many Octopunches.

It'd be forgiven if SG Octopunch were a neat character.  No, his stated personality on his profile card is that he has no personality.  He's average, boring, a regular joe.  He pointedly has no amusing quirks.  I imagine that's partly because there's isn't much personality in the original Octopunch to mirror.  His appeal has always been that he's a crazy tentacled diver monster, like something out of Scooby Doo.   (His mirrored self obviously should have been a guy who drives around in Soundwave with Ravage and solves mysteries.)

(He'd be very big on traps.)

Seriously, if this guy were the real Octopunch and I got to see him in the comic in action as the real Octopunch, he would have been my favorite toy of the set.  As-is, I'll still enjoy him, but it will be a dulled enjoyment, mostly because I have both an SG and a Classics display, and it's pretty obvious between the two where this guy goes!  If/when I put my SG stuff away, then Octopunch can go hang out with my Bludgeon.


Knowing all the while that it's just my stupid fanon.

But it is a good toy!  A very pretty toy.  Again, wacky late Eighties colors like Spinister, with the teals and purples.  I like the mold better as (an) Octopunch than I did as Sea Spray, from whom this toy was redecoed.  And he doesn't have a new head, but the paint job done on his noggin makes the idea of a new head redundant.  With the oxygen tubes around his chin painted blue, that makes his head look more like a separate, dome-shaped piece, akin to the original.  And you can give him Terradive/SpaceCase's trident if your Octopunch needs a trident.  (The original Octopunch toy didn't have one either.  It was made up for the comic.)

The only part of the deco that I wish were different were the seafoam chest and upper arms.  Octopunch in the comics was colored unlike the toy, with a solid yellow torso and upper arms.  With yellow instead of seafoam, he would have been absolutely glorious.

But then, SG Octopunch isn't supposed to be absolutely glorious.  He's supposed to be forgettable and average.  So.

Good choice, I guess.
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