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Posted June 21, 2010 at 2:01 am

Hey dudes!  Jonathan Rosenberg, aka The Guy Who Draws Goats And Whatnot, has a new webcomic!  It's called Scenes from a Multiverse, and it involves you, the weirdos of the Internet!  See, every week he draws a set of unrelated strips that take place on various worlds, and whichever gets the most votes returns the next week!  It's like Web 2.Oh Yeah.  Jon continues to be a true visionary, awash in unfettered creativity.

Ten hours left in my spring convention art auction!

And on Wednesday morning, me and my local buds head to BotCon.  Shortpacked! veterans know what this means, though this year the usual all-weekend-long convention strips are getting a twist.  You'll see.

If you're also going to BotCon, I've decided to be less stupid than I usually manage.  Every year I'm met by a few dozen readers wanting to know if I have books for sale!  Well, no, I don't have a dealer table at BotCon -- that's be counterproductive to my goal of Totally Geeking It Out 24/7, what with all the panels and whatnot -- but I figgered I'd plan ahead and bring a  handful of copies of Shortpacked! Book 3 with me.  I plan to have one or two on me at all times.  Y'know, be prepared!  It's like my backpack will be Shortpacked! Express, like those mini-Pizza Huts at Target.  So if you see me out and about, hand me $15 and I'll hand you a Book 3.  I'll even scribble in it for you.

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