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Posted September 21, 2010 at 2:07 am

Since we're on an M-W-F schedule this week 'cuz I'm taking some time off to draw the remaining Joyce and Walky! subscription strips (got five done this morning!), I'll link you today's Dumbing of Age.  Technically there's still a new strip on this site today!  Sort of!  If you came here first!

On the left is some awesome (framed!) art by Jason Meador, who drew art for my AnimeFest badge.  He thought Maggie was going to be there too, and drew art for her badge as well.  I showed you mine that weekend, but here's a photo of our framed copy of Maggie's art hanging on our bedroom wall.  It's super-sweet!  There's a tech-spec on the back and everything.  (She's "Maggie Supreme.") Super thanks to Jason Meador (who posts to this site, so say hello!) for drawing that for us.
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