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Posted April 8, 2012 at 1:17 am
This toy's going right into my pants.

I started putting together a Dr. Biggles-Jones nearly 5 years ago.  I got a spare Lady Jaye and a spare Scarlett, and I was gonna frankenstein 'em together, hoping I'd find a good labcoat to add to her later.  But that labcoat wouldn't come until the GIJOE movie line gave us a white-coated Cobra "Rex" Commander, and Lady Jaye's hands had gloves on them, so I ended up buying a movie Cover Girl to use for arms instead.

And then the thing just sat in pieces in a tub somewhere since then.

But I've been doing a lot of toy-painting recently and I'd picked up Volume 14 of IDW's remastered collections of the original Marvel run, and I was reminded of my forgotten project and how easy it would be to finish it.

So I did!

I spent way too much time trying to x-acto knife open Cover Girl's torso to get her arms out of there.  Half an hour of sawing.  Eventually I gave up, grabbed some damn pliers, and with some very manly force, I crushed the torso, sending both arms flying behind the couch.  Those were retrieved and their sleeves were painted white.  I got some super-glue, put the body back together, and did some paint touch-ups.  I also took the knife to the labcoat, trimming the shoulders and opening up the front of the coat a bit so you could actually see her.

Yeah, uh, this photo's from the last time I did anything with my kitbash in... 2009. Yikes.


If I may get a little Fazzy with you, Dr. Biggles-Jones is the hottest lady.  I think in 1993 she was my ideal woman.  Incredibly smart, good with giant guns nearly her size, interested in by Transformers, and she wears a leotard and knee-high boots under a damn labcoat.  If only she wore glasses.  She's still pretty ideal.  Not as ideal as, say, that wife I married, but pretty close!  Hey, Maggie, if you're reading this, it's my birthday this week, just sayin'.  Y'know, if you find a spare leotard and labcoat...

Posted April 28, 2010 at 2:01 am
You know how you can never find what you're looking for, instead finding other things you weren't looking for?  That's what happened with my old half-finished Dr. Biggles-Jones kitbash.  I tried to find her, no deal.  Months later, I'm digging around in the attic for something else, and, hey, here she is!  Well.  NOW WHERE'S FRIGGIN' LASERBEAK THAT'S WHY I'M HERE.

Long story short, I'm finally trying on the white ROC Cobra Commander labcoat.  It's pretty big on her!  I'm probably going to have to add "Dremel down the shoulders" to my list of things that she needs to be complete, along with "probably repaint entirely" and "finally get the Scarlett torso to accept the Lady Jaye arms."  And *cross fingers* find a paint that matches her skintone so I can paint over her gloves.

Meanwhile, Cobra Commander looks like a friggin' evil butler.
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