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Posted May 31, 2011 at 12:44 am
Look out, ladiesman217, it's... THE CLAW! Well, after I push this lever.

Look, I really have no idea why I picked this guy up.  Of all of my Dark of the Moon streetdate purchases, this is probably the one I can least rationalize.  Barricade's not in a new body.  Barricade hasn't even been seen since the first film, even though they cut out his death so he could show up in the second one.  And there's been no inclination he's showing up in the third, either.  Plus I have a Barricade!  And that Barricade comes with friggin' Frenzy!  This Barricade comes with a stupid oversized gun/claw.

But... new Deluxe Class Barricade!

And so he was added to the pile.  There are aspects of him that I really like.  For example, I like that he's Barricade.  Police cars are awesome.  I like that he's got his stumpy legs and long-ass arms.  I like that this one's head can turn.  I like that Frenzy's absence means the innards of his chest can be dedicated to other things, even if not having Frenzy is lame.  Instead of having the hood try to compress into his robot mode chest, there's just a bit of detail at the front that flips around on a barrel, Battle Armor He-Man style.

What I don't like is his friggin' feet.  They're on reeeeally shallow hinges, so if you push his ankles just a millimeter the wrong direction, they pop right out.  This happens constantly, and it happens even more when you're trying to figure out his leg positioning.  It's kind of really stupid.

Cheese it! It's the cops!

And less stupid, but still sort of annoying, is how his feet get shoved into the middle of him on the way back into car mode.  It's a very very tight fit.  Excessive force may be required.

And even less stupid, and mostly ignorable, is how his MechTech weapon doesn't fit very well into his hand.  His hand is articulated at the palm, so it's rough to get the palm to securely hold onto the 5mm peg.  Also, the MechTech weapon is kind of dumb (a claw), but that's why this is mostly ignorable.

That sounds like a lot of negatives versus the positives, but it's harder to enumerate the ways that he looks pretty cool.  And he's Barricade.
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