Posted March 2, 2012 at 12:15 am
First off, I feel I should address the Dumb Thing that happened.  Shortly before my Boat Trip, it was discovered that Fun Publications' website was very very likely security breached, credit card-wise.  They've sent out a bunch of emails themselves to their customers over the past few weeks addressing the issue, but I still feel like I should bring it up here, too.  Before the whole Runabout preorder thing, I put up a blog post asking you to join the club and order stuff from them, and if anyone took my advice, did so, and some dude bought $1k worth of stuff from a Walmart in Georgia using your money, I feel kinda like an accomplice in that.  I apologize, for whatever that's worth.

The good news(?) is, they're getting a whole new website soon, with a forum that's from this millennium and everything.  It's something they've badly needed for a long time.  It's something I've made fun of them for a long time, even.  It's disappointing to me that it's taken something like this to get them to do it, but there you have it.  Choose to purchase from them in the future or not, according to your own risk assessments.  I will.  Because I have Transformers Sickness.  But it's important to me to be honest with you about the situation.


This is Runabout!  As said earlier, when I was pumping him up, his toy is technically named "Over-Run," for trademark ownership reasons.  But who cares.  He's Runabout.  We know he's Runabout.  Let's not pretend otherwise.

Runabout's a retool of Generations Wheeljack, who is a splendid toy.  (Have I used "splendid" to describe something yet, in all my years of reviews?  I don't think so.  I guess I'll stick with it.)  The head's new, and it's a mix of the designs for Runabout and Runamuck's heads so they can use the one new head for both toys.  (Runamuck is part of the Club membership, and will be arriving in a month or so.)

I don't think there's a way to photograph this guy that does not make him look like a Photoshop.  Really.  His red's just that vibrant, and his blacks and grays that neutral.  Look at him.  I tell you, I did nothing to those reds.  That's just how they come out.  (I did darken his blacks, because they were coming out a little light.)

Otherwise, the toy's the same excellent toy as Wheeljack, but now he's one of my favorite Decepticons.  And Runabout has upgraded to one of the worst toys to one of the best.  I recommend him.  He's sold out, though.  So I recommend... eBay?  Well, less chance of credit card fraud there, probably, anyway.

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