Posted May 16, 2012 at 3:04 am

See? A rut. First Octopunch, then SG Prime, and now these guys.  I left them all for last, and now this feels like a big hate parade.

I feel about the Shattered Glass Junkions the same way I did about Shattered Glass on its debut year.  I wanted to add to my existing armies and not start new ones.  I was really excited when we found out about Hasbro making Junkions.  Junkions with three heads, even!  That was guaranteed a souvenir set of some sort.  And it meant I could double the number of Junkions from three to six.  Maybe we'd even get a new head or something, who knows.

But naw dawg, have some mirrorverse Junkions.

Mirrorverse Junkions who borged a bunch of guys I like into more mirrorverse Junkions.

It just wasn't what I wanted from these molds at BotCon.

At least they're attractive.