Posted June 4, 2012 at 2:16 am
At some point retailers were all, yeah, okay, we get it, there's lots of Transformers toys.  Turns out we like them, we just don't like-like them.  And so Wheeljack/Que's wave never came out in the United States.  And a bunch of other stuff.  But Asia got them!  And so, after the fact, I got a Wheeljack/Que sent from Asia for myself and Graham, doubled up to save on shipping.

(Man, how bad is "Que" as a name?  It's like Michael Bay just flat-out plagiarizes a James Bond character, but then they realize, uh, I don't think we can call him that, for real, so why don't we... spell it badly...?)

Wheeljack is your typical movie-style Transformer.  He's all panels and greebles.  He's not too counter-intuitive to transform, though, and the only thing that bugs me about him is how the bright blue parts on the front of his shins like to pop off at a moment's notice.  Also, his legs are shades of TFPrime Vehicon, since they're formed from the entire roof.  (But not the hood.)  I was afraid he was gonna be a monster to get back into car mode, but he wasn't too bad.

He comes with a MechTech weapon, same as the other DOTM Deluxes.  It's a saw!  A saw with a bipid, and he can carry it like a Ghostbuster containment unit.  Kinda sweet.  He also comes with three clip-on weapons.  These do not store in vehicle mode.  They do clip onto him kind of awkwardly in robot mode, like he's got extra limbs on his ribcage which happen to be blowtorches.  But Wheeljack's supposed to be a gadgety guy, so it makes sense.  (I have to say, a spear is pretty much the least Wheeljack-esque weapon ever.)

SPOILERS: He's dead.  And so it feels weird to buy a guy who's already offed.  But then I catch myself, and realize, hey, that's the situation with everyone in that movie.  And the new guy who lived, Mirage, doesn't get a toy, 'cuz Ferrari hates you.