Posted September 26, 2005 at 11:44 pm
Friday night was happy hour! Free likker!
Two Michaels sign at the autograph corner. On the left is Michael Dobson, the voice of Armada Starscream, and on the right is Michael Chain, the voice of G1 Red Alert, Powerglide, and Hoist. He has crazy rock hair.
Lith and Michael Dobson are hugbuddies. Lith loves Starscream like I love Taco Bell. Sort of.
The dealer room was absolutely tiny this year. It was about half as big as last year. Dealers must have been scared away by the high dealer-registration prices, the hurricane, or both. (I was gonna try to be a dealer myself, but there was just about no way I'd make back what I'd have to pay.)
Aaron Archer, head TF guy (see today's strip), draws Batman for us. Before Transformers, he worked on Batman.
I found Thylacine2000 and Billy in the lobby asleep early Sunday morning. Some of our friends went to a strip club the night before. My group of friends played frisbee in the pool. My friends are diverse.
Hooper needs a job.