Posted July 23, 2005 at 11:34 pm
Okay, so I fibbed. THIS is the last installment to It's Walky! $100 Theatre. Yesterday was a total fake-out.

God, I'm evil.

Keep tuning in. "Walky & Joyce," the sequel to It's Walky!, will begin soon. But it's not exactly what you think...

Today Graham and I went to PONDEROSA. Yes. PONDEROSA. I haven't been to Ponderosa in like a decade. And it was awesome. We both had Kabob-orama, which is the best name for anything ever, because it's two hilarious-sounding words thrown together in an unholy marriage of absurdity. Also, in their dessert area of the buffet, they have PIE. Fuckin' PIE, man. French silk. Dude.

It was so awesome.