Posted September 30, 2005 at 3:41 am

Sure! Have some Transformers news from BotCon that you've probably already read everywhere else with better pictures. Here at Shortpacked! we stick to the old adage Late or never -- at this point, what's the difference?

My favorite news ever is what Hasbro's got cooked up for the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary. Seriously, they're actually DOING something for it. It's amazing. We had to wait until the 20th anniversary of G1 to get something special. On the other hand, there's nothing like realizing it's been almost 10 years since you started college. Geez.

When we first got whiff of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary stuff in Target computers, we figgered it'd just be the Robot Masters Optimus Primal and Megatron ported over to America. And even though I already got those guys, I was planning on getting them anyway. Why? Because Beast Wars gives me a stiffy, 'cuz I'm a whore for it. If Optimus Primal came up to me and asked me to drop my pants, I'd be all "Hell yes." And he'd squint at me, and I'd amend, "Hell yes, SIR."

But no, we're not getting that imported shit. We're getting show-accurate redecos. Two waves (at least) of them! And each figure in the first two waves comes with a part to form Transmutate, a character that showed up in one episode to be poignant and die, and thus was never made into a toy. Fuck yeah, man. Fuck yeah.

Each toy is also packaged with a DVD containing an episode that features that character. For example, Waspinator comes with "Possession." (Ironically, Waspinator is possessed by Starscream the whole time. Poor guy never gets a break. True to form!)

Wave one:
Wave two (not seen yet):
TM Rattrap
(TM?) Tarantulas

And on top of all that, late next year we're getting new-mold Optimus Primal and beast Megatron. We were shown resin prototypes of the two guys in Hasbro's panel presentation, and they were amazing. Primal seemed to be an amalgam of all his various toys, and Megatron was like the original beast t-rex toy on steroids. Both are deluxes (though Megatron's apparently a tall deluxe) and both have Cybertron-esque Cyber Key-activated features.

Finally, Hasbro's fanservicing my favorite series.