Posted June 23, 2010 at 2:01 am
o hai do u see the white jaguar??? #lulz

lol it is me, Ravage!!!!  Cliffjumper is from a universe like yours and he says its backwards from ours??? like the decepticons are evil and the autobots are the good guys??? wts??

that is so weird

n e way, i can has trip in your universe for a bit??? yes??????  hooray!!!!

look at me!!! i am waving!!!! <3  i will be waving at you all week!!! and on the weekend too!!! i will see you on saturday and sunday and maybe on sunday two times!!!

hey look at my pal cyclonus.  huh well maybe he's not my pal because he totally shot up my boss!!!!  we'll see...

nibbles and scratches!!!!  gtg