Posted January 17, 2011 at 3:10 pm
Today was a good a day as any, I suppose, to address what some folks had been pestering me about for the past few months.  They wanted access to old Joyce & Walky! subscription-only months.  But I took down that access way back when because it felt wrong to accumulate subscriptions while the project was on hiatus.  That storyline has kind of burnt a hole in my brain and so I've avoided finishing off the last few strips.

But days and months have gone by and no progress, so I figgered, oh, fine, what the hell, I'll let folks buy old months again.  So those are up in the store.  You can get either the first half, the second half, or the complete(ish) series.  Maybe the influx of interest might jostle me into finishing it up.  Subscription numbers had so dwindled in the end that it felt like I was sorta sending them off into the void.  That's why I prefer the free comic strip model.  It's open to everyone, and so there's more of a tangible sense that folks are enjoying things.  The more feedback, the more of a sense of accountability there is.

Procrastinators like me need a sense of accountability.  With Shortpacked! reaching six years old today, I thank you folks for, unwittingly, keeping my balls to the fire.