Posted February 23, 2018 at 10:30 pm

Hun-Gurrr is Elita One's casemate, and if local Walmarts are any indication, much more popular!  I mean, I guess unlike Elita One he's a completely new mold (though he transforms similarly to Combiner Wars Silverbolt), so he's got that going for him.  And, like, I know, I had Hun-Gurrr/Grrr/Gur when I was a kid, and so that lure of nostalgia is there.  But c'mon.  Elita One, you guys.  She'll punch your face so hard her arms need smokestacks.

Not to say that Hun-Gurrr is terrible or anything.  He's all right!  Which is... honestly kind of a damning thing to say, since the original 1988 version is probably the best combiner torso there was.  That dude had crazy articulation, man, for 1988.  1988 Hun-Gurrr established a pretty high bar for 2018 Hun-Gurrr to clear.  And in some ways he does, and in some ways he doesn't.

First off, you notice that the rear legs of the beast mode are backwards-elbowed.  It's kind of necessary for how the torso mode thighs form, but it still looks awkard.  Second-off, you notice the big mass of purple hanging under his stomach.  That's both good and bad -- Good, because it's fun to integrate combiner mode kibble into the main toy rather than having to attach it later, and Bad because it wasn't actually integrated very well here.  It just hangs off his stomach.  It's less bad in person, and you're more likely to notice how the deco purposefully tapers off between the parts and the dragon mode on his stomach so you can see a purposeful dragon shape under there, but, uh, yeah.

The ways he does better, though?  They're pretty good ways!  The original Hun-Gurrr didn't have beast mode mouths that opened.  This is pretty ridiculous for a robot friggin' named "Hunger."  Dude can't eat!  But the new toy does have openable mouths.  The new toy also has side-to-side dragon head articulation (or ankle tilting in robot mode), and this plus the mouths... is everything.  The original 1988 toy was unusually dynamic, but the new one is just a little moreso because of the addtional head articulation. 

Otherwise, y'know, it's Hun-Gurrr again.  He's good, but he's no Elita One.

(i'll wait to talk about the combined mode once his limbs come out)