Posted May 6, 2011 at 5:46 pm
The older Deluxe Ratchet (left) is one that I painted up to look prettier.

I can't help myself around Ratchets, okay?  I'm sorry!  I wasn't even gonna get this one, but after picking up Sentinel Prime, Graham and Avery and I went to another Target to find some Deluxes so he could get one of the Wreckers, and when the employee offered us Deluxes, I asked for a Ratchet.  I knew there was a new Ratchet in there.  One I didn't have.  One I didn't need.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.

I can't even use this guy for anything.  He's too small to hang out with my other movie toys, and I even have another Deluxe Ratchet which I bought because I liked Ratchets which looks more accurate to his robot mode.  The only way he's not redundant is that he's the right vehicle mode (rather than the previous Deluxe's truncated vehicle mode) and he's in the altered vehicle mode deco that Ratchet has in the third film.  I am a fool.

More ambulances should have giant saws on them.

But now that we've got rationality out of the way, we can move to matters of the emotional level.  See, this Ratchet is awesome.  He's not quite as movie accurate and he's way too small, but he's pretty fun to play with.  He strikes a very good balance between complexity and accuracy, meaning his transformation is pretty damn straight-forward.  Even so, there's some interesting bits in there, like how his head, shoulders, and arms rotate around 180 degrees while his chest and the rest of him stay put.  It's just fun to do.

But most importantly, Ratchet's weapon, while a completely ridiculous-looking oversized chunk of plastic, is well worth the $12 all by itself.  The line-wide gimmick of the larger Dark of the Moon toys is "MechTech" weaponry, and Ratchet's is his saw blade thingy.  When you pull on the lever, the saw spins and flips out and spins and spins.  It's intoxicating.  And I made a video of it for you so I can more adequately share it with you, for words are useless in this arena.

And bam, now you want DOTM Deluxe Ratchet.