Posted October 13, 2010 at 12:28 am
He's Fun-Sized!

Since I love my The Fallens, I was predictably gung-ho about the "Victory of The Fallen" Legends Class five-pack.  It's exclusive to Kmart and it has a tiny adorable version of my favorite The Fallen deco.  You know, the bright orange and black one.  (La Porte Slicers colors.)  It's also nice that the other four guys he comes with -- Prime, Jetfire, Starscream, and Megatron -- are all Legends Class figures that I don't own.

But what I was especially excited for, stupidly, was the "Most-Wanted Decepticons" collectors card that comes in the package.  There's a code on the back that you plug into the official website, promising you the completion to the story which was set up on the back of the packaging.  C'mon, the set's literally named "The Victory of the Fallen!"  There's got to be an awesome finale described where he totally succeeds at killing the Solar System and getting his titular revenge.  Maybe this time it's Optimus Prime who gets his face taken!

Of course not.  Once you register for the site and input your code, all it tells you is the ending to the live-action film.  Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame.  This is not the victory I was promised!  Curse you,  Hasbro.  Your lies sting my gullible soul.

How does this keep happening to a dude who has like two or three Tech Spec stats that are rated infinite?