Posted January 22, 2012 at 12:42 am
A few days ago, case assortment information for the upcoming Transformers Prime: Robots in Disguise toyline revealed that we were getting a new Deluxe (now redubbed "Revealer") Hot Shot toy.  Despite my super obvious love for all things Hot Shot, I wasn't all that excited.  See, we learned previously that "Hot Shot" is a name that had been reassigned to Hot Rod for trademark ownership reasons.  Screw a Hot Rod!  Anyway, I figgered it'd just be a Hot Rod toy.  Meh!

But then the Argos catalog over in the great United Kingdom gave us photos, and there was this blue Bumblebee with a new head.  This head has a visor that is lowered over the eyes.  Now, this image had no label of any sort, so it could still be anybody, but I'm laying odds it's a friggin' real Hot Shot.  Not the  Hot Roddy kind, but a genuine JaAm-loving Hot Shot.  He's in his Cybertron colors since, well, y'know, he can't be yellow for obvious reasons, but it's definitely looking like a Hot Shot.

So I made sure I was the first guy to do fan art of him.