Posted March 27, 2013 at 11:33 pm
Laserbeak?  Who the hell's Laserbeak?  A chump, that's what.  A cowardly chump.  Seriously, look up his Tech-Spec bio.  He's not only a condor, he's also ... chicken.

pause for laughter

Now, Buzzsaw, he's where it's at.  Buzzsaw will cut you.  Buzzsaw's got a kill list a mile long.  He's like Rambo, but with a razor-sharp beak.  You know that speech about velociraptors Alan Grant gives the kids in Jurassic Park?  That's Buzzsaw.  He's weaponized bird.  Don't believe me, ask Omega Supreme.  Except you can't.  Because Buzzsaw murdered him.  Murdered him and he never came back ever again.

Which is why Buzzsaw is the only Masterpiece Recordicon I sought out.  Yeah, I'll get them all later (including Buzzsaw) when they're sold as a package deal as a Toys"R"Us exclusive over here in North America, but I wanted Buzzsaw now.  At $60 for the Japanese set of him and Frenzy, that was a little cost prohibitive, but I struck a deal with Cheetimus since he wanted Frenzy but not Buzzsaw.  And so now I have my Buzzsaw.  Frenzy is already repackaged up and ready to go out the door.

Part of the reason I want him now, other than Wanting Him Now And Not Later, is that there's no guarantee the Hasbro release will be so creamy orange.  It's hard to tell from Hasbro's stock photography because it's so Photoshopped and airbrushed, but Hasbro seems to be doing a toy-color kinda theme with their version of Soundwave and the Recordicons, particularly with Soundwave's yellow eyes.  But I want that damn orange.  It matches the color of Buzzsaw in the comic.  It also matches the color of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  Toy-accurate gold is acceptable but not perfect.  And for Buzzsaw, I want perfect.

With Masterpiece Buzzsaw, perfect is exactly what you get.  I mean, I like my Ravages and all, but Masterpiece Laserbeak/Buzzsaw's mold is insanely perfect.  Impossibly perfect.  You know how on the original Buzzsaw toy you had to plug in half his mass with those chromed wing pieces?  Yeah, well, screw that with this new version, because that stuff is all incorporated into the transformation.  Somehow this engineering marvel gets everything to extract out of the exact same sized mini-cassette shape as the original.  Masterpiece Ravage's add-on guns are also included in his transformation, but it's a much less-elegant looking tape when you're done with it.  With Laserbeak, you flip him over and he's still a flat surface back there, even if that flat surface has condor-shaped carvings through it.  Ravage... Ravage seems to be kind of a mess back there.  I mean, he looks nice enough, but he's relatively a little rough around the edges and I don't have to have him now-now.  I can wait.

But really, the best part about Buzzsaw is that he can perch.  He's not always stuck in the swooping-forward pose, nose out, head down.  You can rear him back up on his hind legs and he can just sort of hang out casually.  That's something I really really like and it doesn't happen incredibly often.   And he has a little flip-up camera on his head.  You know.  Because this toy wasn't perfect enough.

This is a toy I can imagine keeping on my shelf basically forever.  I have a few toys that hit that sweet spot for me that outlive their usual desk life, and I'm pretty sure Buzzsaw's gonna be among them.  He hits all the right notes.  He's the Buzzsaw of my mind's eye.  When Masterpiece Soundwave and all his little duders show up later this year whenever, you buy the hell out of it.  Just for the Buzzsaw.

Or for Laserbeak, if you wanna be all mainstream about it.