Posted September 7, 2012 at 11:26 pm
So I ended up getting MP Thundercracker.  I wanted his stand, really, for Sunstorm (and I bought some Goo Be Gone on the same trip so I can remove "Thunder Cracker"'s misparsed name from it) and yesterday we stumbled across a buncha Thundercrackers, so.

His colors are nice.  I might like them better if I weren't having to compare them to Sunstorm's, whose colors are just an orange-shift away from Absolute Perfection.  He's a dark, deep blue, and I like his charcoaly forearms.  Also, man, he's got some goofy tampographs, which I adore.  The ones on top of his jet intakes that look like his original toy's stickers I don't really care for, but the rest are adorkable.  He's got Kyde's name on one side and... J. "Dragon" Sass's on the other...  And there's "Sonic Boom!" tampos on his tailfins and weird tattoos of Reflector on the backs of his shoulders, visible from the sides of his jet mode.   These goofy tampos make him slightly less boring.

It's obvious that Hasbro thought they were putting the original version of the mold in this package, given all of the call-outs.  It claims he has a swappable face, which is totes not true anymore, and he comes with the original version's jet mode missile pods, even though they're not exactly compatible with him anymore.  The instructions, of course, have the original version depicted as well, so that'll give somebody an ulcer, I'm sure.

I'll have to decide if I'm keeping him.  I want the stand, certainly, but I need some time to decide if I want to keep the robot.  If you want one of your own, he's Toys"R"Us exclusive, so keep a vigil for one there.  They'll go fast.