Posted October 7, 2010 at 2:03 pm
Protip: Never give her her swords.

I always love the "Upgrade" sticker sets that offers for Animated figures.  Since Animated toys are cartoony to begin with, stickers on them that recreate unpainted detail stick out less than, say, trying to smoosh old G1 sticker detail across Classics Hot Rod's legs.  And more often than not, Reprolabels manages to provide stickers for stuff I wasn't able to duplicate myself with paint.

Case in point: The "Upgrade" set for Animated Arcee!  Sure, I managed to put in the black under her eyes and color in her lips and chin, but there were lots of little things that are out of the jurisdiction of my ability.  (Basically, anything that isn't black is pretty rough.)  For example, those white areas on the tops of her feet.  Those stickers make me happy.  The ones that cover up the fronts of her behind-the-head shoulder kibble with the proper magenta/white layouts are also much appreciated.  The smaller things aren't so bad, either, like the white and black circles for her shoulders and knees.  And stuff for her back, even though you can't see it usually?  Why not.  Oh, and woo, a colored Autobot logo.

There's always extra stuff on these sets that I don't want or stuff I was able to do better myself.  The set offers a battlemask if you want one, or you can make her head look like it's being opened and probed like in "TransWarped."  A sticker to cover her face with a "normal" face is provided, but I liked my paint better.

Reprolabels has been a long-time sponsor of the Transformers Wiki, so they're awesome in that way, too.  Currently, they have a  special offer running where you get a free faction symbol sticker sheet for every $10 you spend.  Go check them out!