Posted August 7, 2010 at 12:20 am
Hey, dudes, I am totally in Canada right now.  The wifi here kinda isn't, and so I'm just on one of the lobby terminals.  They let me have 45 minutes online for free!  Hooray!

I got to see the Canadian Joe Convention dealer room setup this evening, and I really shouldn't have, because I remembered that I'm short a lot of Destros and they kind of have them.  Uh oh.  Also, woo, one table has a big pile of Funskool stuff, and that tickles me.  Tomorrow morning I'll get my booth set up and then start saying hello to you folks.

I'm, like, a special guest or something like that.  Because I'm awesome?  Their other special guests include Larry Hama and the original cartoon voices of Lady Jaye and Zartan.  That means I'm as cool as they are, I've decided.  I'm up-cooling myself through the transitive property.  That's right.  Go ahead and stop me.

Oh, and one of their exclusives is the Cobra North SNAKE.  Look at it.  Love it.

See you folks tomorrow at 9am, eh?