Posted April 14, 2010 at 2:01 am
C2E2 April 16-19
C2E2 April 16-19

Have I mentioned often enough that I'm going to be at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend?  Have I?  Have I Have I Have I?

Well, I am.

Going to be at C2E2, that is.

Here's a fun guide of all the sweet swag I'm gonna bring that you can bring home with you:

"I'm Gardening Man" t-shirt

1) Shortpacked! Book 2 and Roomies! Book 1, of course.  Shortpacked! Book 1, as you recall, is sold out, and Shortpacked! Book 3 is currently in production in Hong Kong.  I will have preorder slips available at the show, but the two books I will have will absolutely not disappoint.

2) The Shortpacked! Book 1 reprint cover poster!  You know, with the Ultra Car and the Ethan and the Ronnie and the Back to the Future?  Yeah.  Gonna have just 25 with me at the show.  Get one before they're gone!  (They're convention-exclusive, so I won't have any in the online store.)

3) "I'm Gardening Man" t-shirts.  All sizes, while they last.   Oh yeah.  You want one.

"If you see me I'm toy hunting" bumper sticker

4) Shortpacked! magnets.  Use this 4"x6" magnet to hold up the pizza coupons on your fridge.

5) "If you see me, I'm toy hunting" bumper sticker.  Let all of traffic know you're hunting in vain for that elusive Transformers Animated Arcee.  These bumper stickers are beautiful.

4"x6" cast magnet

6) And then there's the usual art prints, the original art pages, and I'm available for commissions, as always.

7) I am selling my boothmate, Chris Hallbeck.  He doesn't know yet.  He's $50.

So hit up Chris and I at C2E2, booth WC E.  That's WC for "WebComics," y'see.  There's a whole Webcomics MECCA.  We'll be in the back nestled in between the Moens and the Milhollands.  Seriously, have you seen the roster for this show?  Everyone's gonna be there!  It's crazy.