Posted September 29, 2005 at 12:44 am

Ricochet is one of the seven figures in the Descent Into Evil box set available to those who bought the largest BotCon prereg pack. He's the one I paid the least amount of attention to, so I figgered I'd talk about him first today.

Hoo boy is this guy black. The picture up above is one I took of Ricochet next to three of the other four versions of his mold. (I don't own R-Blade.) Other than his light blue missiles and blue transparent cockpit/visor, all of his plastic colors are now black. Hurray!

To compensate for this, however, Ricochet is loaded with new paint apps. Not quite enough to make me forget he's entirely black, but enough to make him interesting. The silver lining around his visor is really great. That, his fist, armfin, and some lower leg details are elements of the mold that have never been painted before. In jet mode, he sports a jagged red electricity(?) pattern.

Black with red, silver, and electric blue is not a new color scheme for a Transformers convention toy. Last year's Megazarak featured the same colors, though the concentration of silver and red was more prominent than in Ricochet.

Still. Black. Lots of it. I wish they would have made the plastic in his upper arms and thighs gray or slate blue or pale yellow or something. But oh well. But hey, it's just one black toy, right! They were just getting the black out of their system on this one, I'm sure.


Ricochet's bio writes him as a spy. A somewhat shady and uncharismatic spy. I sat in on the rehearsals/try-outs for the BotCon script reading which features him, and it made him interesting to me. He described himself as a guy who did the dirty work that Optimus Prime wouldn't admit that needed to be done to win the war. It was a nice angle.

Sadly, we found out in the actual script reading that he was actually Obsidian in disguise. Damn.

So I guess I'm back to slightly better than "sure, whatever" on him. I don't know where "sure, whatever" falls on a scale of 1 to 10, but probably not very high.