Posted February 24, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Kre-O has slowly been branching out into other Hasbro brands.  Last year there was Battleship Kre-O, and let me tell you, that sold just as well as you'd expect it to.  Later this year we're getting Star Trek Kre-O.  And, wow, finally, three years after Kre-O has been a thing, it's reached Hasbro's other big boys toy franchise, G.I. Joe.  That it's taken this long doesn't say inspiring things about the strength of the G.I. Joe franchise.  That they're entirely exclusive to Toys"R"Us doesn't help either.  I think lately G.I. Joe has stopped being so much Hasbro's sugar daddy as it's started being that gross uncle who only calls up when he needs cash or is in jail.

And I see that Hasbro's really trying to milk the nostalgia on this stuff.  I mean, they're just going full-blown Eighties on all this G.I.Joe Kre-O.  There is zero pretense of it trying to be also a visual tie-in to this year's movie.  G.I. Joe Kre-O is seriously a bunch of Real American Hero vehicles done in brick-style with RAH characters.  I don't know if I want to... commit to all that, so I decided to get only a blind-bagged Kreon or few.  For now, at least.  We'll see.

I like Scarlett!  So I figgered I'd get Scarlett.  Plus she hangs around Transformers often enough, so she can join my other human Kreon guys from my Transformers Kre-O stuff.  But there's also, holy hell, a Joe Colton Kreon.  And I say holy hell because his little Kreon hairpiece is friggin' flocked, man.  Like the original Adventure Team figure.  For serious.  So I can't not pick up that guy.  And then I realize I have these two Joes, and they could probably use some Cobra to fight, and so I pick up a Cobra Trooper and a Crimson Guard.

They're exactly what you'd expect, other than some small creativity with the weapons.  Sometimes they find interesting ways to snap other pieces onto the little rifles, like clipping a Starscream armgun to the top of a rifle to make a scope.  Scarlett comes with a missile-launching crossbow.  Joe Colton comes with... himself packaged in an Adventure Team box.  All right!

Man, how the hell is there no friggin' Destro, man.  They better be saving him to come with a Kre-O Dominator later or something. Nevermind, here he is!  BOUGHT ON SIGHT.


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