Posted July 16, 2010 at 2:01 am
For when he wants to sound like Professor Hamilton instead of Papa Smurf.

A few years ago, the original Ratchet toy was redecoed as his live-action film counterpart in Japan.  Man, I totally had to have that!  That's just friggin' awesome.  Y'know, in a kind of "ha ha" way.  But it was a limited exclusive that was an incentive to buy a Transformers art book.  I wouldn't have minded getting that art book, but it was a pretty costly art book!  $120 or so, I think, for the toy and the book?  That's a lot to put down on a hilarious Ratchet redeco.

And so I passed.  Quickly, you could buy the toy separately, but for about $80.  That was 2008.  In 2009, the price dropped to about $55.  Clearly I should wait.  The green Ratchets were going no where.

At BotCon 2010, I managed to pick one up for $25.  Score!

His name is Ratchet Emergency Green.  Since I got home, I've had him hang out with the Encore Ratchet reissue that my pal Cholma got me last year.  The green one keeps an eye on the white one to make sure he doesn't sacrifice himself again.  You can only do that so many times!
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