Posted September 26, 2005 at 4:49 pm
One element borrowed from the G.I.Joe conventions for Transformers was the Elaborate Diarama. BotCon has had one or two in the past, but I think there's some sort of Diarama Gene in all Joe fans that allows them to kick Transfan ass in this department.

Wide shot of the display, which was located near the entrance to the dealer room, before any of the tables. Here you can see everything involved -- lots of shrubs and trees, with a smattering of toys in front.
A closer shot of the toys in front. We see Dirge and some clones, Fallback, Ironhide, and Deathsaurus.
Counterclockwise around the display was Buzzsaw, Ratchet's MARB and Chromia, who's fighting another clone.
A marsh seen behind Deathsaurus here emitted fog. Very nice.
The rest of Ratchet sneaks up on some more clones.
Clones fly and perch high up above in the treetops.
And finally, Flamewar hides deep in the forest, stalking alone.