Posted November 13, 2005 at 10:33 pm
(The ending is still old.)

So I've been spending a little time on a side project. It's something Maggie has been suggesting I do since I've known her, and something I agreed with but didn't have the time (sorta) or inspiration.

You see, It's Walky!/Joyce & Walky! has a large archive. Intimidatingly large. Having a large archive can be a great revenue and fandom booster, but it can also scare some people away. (Steve Troop is currently dealing with this by removing his 9 years of strips and attempting a reboot.) In my case, I'll be first to admit that around 1999-2000, my art was absolutely shit. It was in some weird transition between Roomies!' style and what my art looks like today. It was incomprehendable. Worse yet, It's Walky! started during this period, and due to the nature of my storytelling style, in addition to looking ugly, you needed to start in 1997 to understand it.

So what if somebody hears of It's Walky! and wants to read it? They got to trudge through some random (yet admittedly awesome, aww yeah) and seemingly unconnected story about college first. I can't just link them to Christmas 1999 and let them start from where It's Walky! actually begins. If there were... only... some way... to make the beginning of It's Walky! legible and a reasonable starting point for new readers.

I'm redrawing the first storyline. The whole Year Zero arc. And I'm inserting as much backstory as I can. (And getting rid of some plotholes, while I'm at it.) Frankly, I'm pretty excited to be doing it. I drew the first 7 pages in 24 hours. I've been doing 1 or 2 pages a day since then. All while I am also continuing to draw Shortpacked! and Joyce and Walky!. I am a man possessed.

So continue to check back for newly redrawn pages ever so often.

P.S. If you want a canonical explanation for how some of the dialogue and action, and thus the canon, have slightly changed, blame Melonpool. We did do a few crossovers with him, and he did just destroy and reboot the universe. Guess there were some hiccups on our end. And our timing is a bit suspect!