Posted April 29, 2011 at 5:07 pm
"I will break you, unlike how you did not break box office records!"

So I snapped up this Mezco Scott Pilgrim toy at the comic book store on Wednesday.  There were two to choose from: this purple-shirted Scott with the open grin and a green-shirted Scott with a determined frown.  Otherwise they were identical.  I chose open grin!

The figure's okay and all.  It has articulation at the neck, waist, wrists, and biceps, with shallow universal joints at the shoulders.   Neither of the hands is pointing, which is kind of weird.  And he comes with a guitar and his testicle-sword.  It appears, when you hang his arms down at his sides best you can, that one arm is a smidge longer than the other.  I figgered this must be so he can hold his sword two-fisted.  Nnnnope!  He definitely can't do that.  I mean, he can hold it by the hilt and by the blade, but that's kind of weird.  So, uh, maybe one arm's longer so that it can hold the guitar better?  Or it's an optical illusion? I don't know.

Time for all my other toys to rock out.

Frankly, the best thing about this toy is the friggin' guitar.  It's amazing.  It has a real leather strap and it's sculpted and painted up real nice, and you can give it to other, better toys.  That's the real feature.  Besides, getting this thing over both Scott's big-ass head *and* one of his arms is a harrowing experience.  It's not a long strap.  It can't be, if it's gonna rest at proper length on his torso, and, again, Scott has a huge-ass head, unlike real human beings.  I'm afraid the leather strap is gonna snap.

So, yeah, I apparently just bought a $15 guitar accessory.  Not the worst of things, no.