Posted February 14, 2014 at 12:01 am

Last month I drew a Dumbing of Age sex thing for Slipshine, and the dang thing was so insanely record-breakingly popular that Slipshine was all like MORE PLEASE RIGHT AWAY THANK YOU, but the Dumbiverse isn't exactly swimming in bangin' couples at the moment, so I figgered I'd do a "sequel" set in the Shortpacked! universe instead.  

And so for Valentine's Day, you can totally read Robin and Leslie goin' at it licky-style for sixteen pages.  Y'know, if you have a Slipshine membership.  (If you don't, this is easily resolved.)

Lemme repurpose the "Walky Performs A Sex" FAQ over here, or at least the parts that pertain:

1) Can you buy it separately?  Nope!
2) Will it be available outside of Slipshine?  Nope!
3) Will it be in the Shortpacked! book collections?  Nope!
4) Do I need to read it to understand the regular comic? Nope!
5) Will it be around long enough for me to save up money? Yep!