Posted April 23, 2014 at 12:01 am

 NEW STORYLINE STARTING TODAY, so SP! will update every weekday until completion.

NEW $75K STRETCH GOAL REWARD: I've drawn a number of NSFW stories for Slipshine, in both the Dumbing of Age and Shortpacked! universes.  They were drawn for Slipshine, they belong to Slipshine, and so they aren't mine to sell.  However, Slipshine has decided to gift PDFs of my first two Slipshine stories to all pledgers if we reach $75,000!  That's both the Walky/Dorothy (Dumbing of Age) and Robin/Leslie stories (Shortpacked!) which will be made available for pledgers to download after the end of the Kickstarter pledge period.  Whether you pledge $5 or $300, these PDFs can be yours! There is no other way to get these other than being a Slipshine subscriber (which I recommend, because I have other stuff on there, will continue to have more stuff, and everything else on there is pretty swell).  Slipshine was very generous in letting me give these out!  Hopefully we reach $75k so their generosity can be made real.