The poor
Posted October 24, 2012 at 2:01 am
Well, hello hello. I've been drawing comics entirely digitally for like three years by now, but seeing as how the computer hooked up to our Cintiq has been having brainfarts all day and I didn't have a Shortpacked! in the buffer for tonight, I drew today's the old-fashioned way. Y'know, on paper, with pencil and ink and a scanner. It wasn't entirely like the old days, since I have no idea where my big wooden drawing board, my paper, or my rulers are, and so I grabbed some random sketch pad and used an envelope as a straight-edge. Suffice to say, I had to fix a lot of terrible-looking right angles once I scanned stuff in. This wasn't going to be today's strip, either. I've been trying to draw a Catwoman comic for a while, but the computer keeps throwing fits as I try to finish it. It'll let me finish any other strip, but not this damn Catwoman comic. And so as a big middle finger to the universe, I drew this strip about Historical Jesus instead. Ha ha ha, and you thought we might get through this election season without a Shortpacked! strip about politics or religion. Joke's on everybody! (Actually, I'm pretty sure the joke's gonna be on me, if the next 48 hours of comment moderation is likely to have any say in things.) So, anyway, in other news, apparently Clark Kent quit the Daily Planetand became a blogger. Sounds familiar.