Guest strip: T Campbell and John Waltrip
Posted February 4, 2011 at 2:01 am
This week's M-W-F theme was supposed to be "David Draws Batman Stuff In Different Styles Than Usual," culminating in a Batman: Brave and the Bold strip, but before I could get to Friday's strip, I had some fun time on the ice outside. I was smart and broke my fall with my arms and hands instead of, y'know, my face, but I have some really fun cuts in some really fun places that make it awkward to draw for very long. I was originally planning on running this guest strip next week while I was at Toy Fair, but now you can enjoy it early! It's written by T Campbell and illustrated by John Waltrip, who I've worked with before on Rip and Teri. T Campbell also writes Fans! (which I've illustrated for him a few times) and Penny and Aggie. T Campbell has apparently been super into the recent Robin/Leslie storyline, as evidenced by his voluntary guest strip, and you can see his thoughts at length over on his own forum.