Posted September 10, 2012 at 2:01 am
Shortpacked!'s universe is fifteen years old today! Shortpacked! itself is only about eight years old (as of next January), but my longtime readers will remember that it's a (not so small anymore) part of a larger collective of stories. To celebrate, there's thenewBringBackRoomies.comsite, which will rerun all of my older material in "best reading order" from start to finish, day by day, starting today. Those fifteen-year-old old comics will be published much larger than previously, there'll be comics that've never been published before online (including today's!), there'll be commentaryas I apologize for how terrible they are, plus stuff won't be thrown around in random chronological order like the crappy old site (whichstill existsfor now, don't worry). So be sure to check that out every day for the next several years. Shortpacked! is celebrating in its own way, as you can see. There'll be a lot of familiar faces over the next week or so. Oh, and sweet stuff is also happening inDumbing of Age. It is two years old today. The "Dumbiverse" isn't old enough to start driving lessons like the "Walkyverse" is, but it is old enough to be walking around and getting into things it shouldn't.