Calgary Expo
Posted April 20, 2013 at 2:01 am
I AM GOING TO BE IN CANADA NEXT WEEKEND. This is entirely due to the awesomeness of Danielle Corsetto, who last-minute needed a boothmate, and the Blind Ferret Entertainment guys, who helped me get some of my merchandise into Canada so I actually have something to sell. (It is a very complicated and potentially amazingly expensive process.) Since it was such a close call, I won't have Shortpacked! books with me, but I will have a buttload of Dumbing of Age books and posters. This includes the new Amazi-Girl Strikes poster and an even newer Dumbing of Age Cast of 2013 poster which I haven't shown on this site yet. (Unless those get incinerated during customs inspections, since those are a late addition and I will be bringing them with me.) Or throw any amount of money in my tip cup and I will be happy to doodle for you. It will be a swell Canadian time! and apparently my square creditcardreaderapp probably won't work up there so man i'm gonna need some canada money