Botcon 2013 this weekend!
Posted June 27, 2013 at 2:01 am
It's BotCon time again next weekend! As usual, I'll have a table in Artists Alley and also as usual, I've written up a (very loose) schedule of when I should be at my table since unlike other conventions, I'm at BotCon to go see stuff as well: Friday 3 to 5pm (entire dealer room open time) Saturday 9 to 10am Noon to 1pm 2 to 5pm Sunday 11am to 3:30pm This weekend, comic-wise, I'm gonna try an updating schedule that I did during conventions for the early Shortpacked! years, where I'll try to upload comics best I can, Internet and time permitting. I have my Surface Pro tablet, so I'll have the ability to draw on the road. For example, if there's no comic Friday, there might be one up on Saturday instead. I'm shooting fast and loose from the hip this weekend! (And of course Dumbing of Age has a buffer out to mid-August, so you don't have to worry on that front.)