Botcon 2013
Posted June 22, 2013 at 2:01 am
It's BotCon time again next weekend! As usual, I'll have a table in Artists Alley and also as usual, I've written up a schedule of when I should be at my table since unlike other conventions, I'm at BotCon to go see stuff as well: Friday 3 to 5pm (entire dealer room open time) Saturday 9 to 10am Noon to 1pm 2 to 5pm Sunday 11am to 3:30pm That's my tentative schedule, which will also be posted at my table. I say "tentative" since there's probably some bits here and there I'll be leaving to go see stuff that I can't plan ahead for. I know at least one of those at-table times will involve me leaving so I can go get in line for Jason Jansen's autograph, because holy hell Jason Jansen. Also, y'know, the Hasbro booth and its new goodies on display will often call to me. You know how it is. Thanks for your understanding! I'll have all four Shortpacked! books, Dumbing of Age book 1, all four of the "Obama"-style Beast Wars posters, and some other goodies. Also, I'll have blank paper for sketches, provided tips are put in my jar!