Posted May 24, 2010 at 2:01 am
So here's Walter Peck.  The best thing about this toy is the smug grin they managed to sculpt into his face.  It really makes you want to punch him, in a Faz/Matty sort of way.  Which is appropriate!  It wouldn't be a good Walter Peck toy if you don't want to throttle it.

He's in the suited body that Mattel used on... The Dark Knight toys, I presume?  He feels less awkward than my Riddler and Two-Face, which makes me think he's not that.  (You know, I guess I could go up and compare, but I'm lazy.)  So if I had to guess, he's Harvey Dent with a new head.

Now, it's his "accessory" that really makes this a fun set.  It's the ghost containment unit door.  The best thing is, it opens!  If you push down the lever like a good EPA representative, the door folds down.  The door (or Walter) comes with a trap that you can shove in there, and the door can close back up with it inside.  The red on the containment unit is nice and glossy so it looks like painted metal.  (Well, truthfully, painted plastic and painted metal probably doesn't look all that different.)  It's a great setpiece for the existing Ghostbusters figures.

I was a little iffy on Walter at first because he's not one of the four Ghostbusters, but I'm glad I got him.  He's a great figure and he comes with a great backdrop.  And I want to punch him, which is more of an emotional reaction than I get from many of my action figures.

(The bio on the back of the packaging notes that he is "hypothesized to lack genitalia."  This is also awesome.)