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Posted December 7, 2010 at 12:37 pm
Death therapy.

Hey, look, it's Venkman!  ( of two, as I explained yesterday, with the unwanted,  unexplainable duplicate order to be auctioned probably tomorrow or something.)  But this first one I'm keeping!

Of course they save Venkman for last.  Sure, Matty teased us with the slimed variant first before giving us the "real" one, but we all knew this day would come!  Frankly, I expected it to come a little later, after Louis came out, or something.  Is there gonna be a Dana?  There has to be a Dana.

(This arrangement has me wondering how Matty's gonna handle their Back to the Future line.  Is Marty gonna be last?  Will they release "Marty-dressed-as-'Darth-Vader'" earlier on, as a similar tease?  And how can they possibly be doing a Back to the Future line when the entire cast can't use the same body?  And which Biff will I buy?)

Peter's got one of the better likenesses.  Actually, I think he, Winston, and Egon all have pretty good likenesses, with poor Ray looking off somehow.  Ray needed a taller body, I think.  They tried to make him look taller by making his head tiny, and he just looks strange.  But, Peter, he looks great.  Affably smug.

You think he's gone? He's NEVER gone!

The first thing I noticed out of the package, because I don't pay any attention to these things apparently, is that, oh my god, his body actually has different parts.  His pantlegs aren't tucked into his boots.  He's wearing gloves!  It was quickly confirmed by my roommate, Steve-o, that the untucked pantlegs are Venkman's trademark.  So, hey, cool, that was a nice attention to detail.  The gloves though, after some Google Images research, they upset my OCD.  Peter seems to wears gloves only when everyone else is wearing gloves!  And none of the other toys are wearing gloves!  Grarrr.

Ah well.  Let's not stare a gift-retool in the mouth.

Venkman comes with a stand.  It's dumb and unnecessary, especially since nobody else has one.

But he also comes with a proton pack stream!  Now that is sweet.  It's two pieces that snap together so that it can fit into the packaging, and it's super long.  It's so super-long that I had to crop it off in the initial photo so you could see Venkman better.  The thing is, man, I kinda wish one of the other guys had come with one, too.  To get the full Crossing-the-Streams effect, you'd hafta buy a buttload of Peters.  (hahaha buttload of peters)  And I did get shipped that extra one, but I don't think its cost is worth it to me just for the accessory.  Ah well.

Anyway, complete Ghostbusters power!  Woooo!
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