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Posted January 1, 2011 at 2:01 am
Second verse, same as the first.

Happy New Year!  I'm in Miami.

No sooner than I get my "Challenge at Cybertron" set than I find out that it's coming over here as "Battle in Space," minus Galvatron.  Normally, hey, who cares, but instead of Galvatron, there's an exclusive-friggin' comic book.  An exclusive-friggin' comic book that retroactively places Lugnut at the Battle of Autobot City during the animated 1986 Transformers film.  Aw, no.  I neeed that.

And so I have some nigh-identical figures.  The only differences are Rodimus and Cyclonus now have Rub Signs instead of tampographed symbols.  Which is actually preferable to me.  I'll ditch the old tampographed ones on eBay and keep the Rub Signed versions.  Also, woo, comic.  And woo, Matrix?  There's a die-cast Matrix of Leadership in here that no one can hold.  Well, no Transformer in this set, anyway.

Certain rulers of Apokolips can hold it.
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