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Posted June 27, 2010 at 12:17 am
Dinobot has won.  His rigid grill structure...

No, seriously, he did!  He won the Transformers Hall of Fame!  Even though there was Soundwave involved!  Holy mother of crap!  It's insane!

I take full credit.

(Hey, Bob Forward, if you read this, you totally rule.)

EDiT: The first thing I did after writing this blog was email Beast Wars co-editor (and "Code of Hero" director) Bob Forward was email him about Dinobot's deserved win.  I got this response from Bob Forward, which he wrote for public dissemination:

I think it's fairly well known that Dinobot was my favorite character.  He wasn't perfect, he had some very human failings, but he never stopped trying. He had ideals that he tried to live up to, and when he didn't, no one could give him more grief than he gave himself.  From the very beginning, his greatest ambition was to to die nobly in battle and have a glorious funeral.  That the battle would be one of atonement for his own betrayal, and the saving of innocents that he had unwittingly helped place in harm's way, was something he could never have anticipated and certainly would not have chosen.  But when the die was cast and his duty lay before him, he faced it without flinching and did what had to be done.  Even writing about him changed me, made me examine my own everyday choices in a new light, and I believe I became a better person because of it.  Others who watched the show have told me that they still hold themselves to a higher standard than they might have otherwise, simply because of Dinobot.  He lived a warrior, he died a hero, and to those who now honor his memory by electing him to the Transformers Hall of Fame, I'm sure he would extend his humble gratitude.
But not too humble, because as Rhinox once observed: "That dude's got bearings of chrome steel."  Thank you to everyone who voted, and enjoy Botcon 2010!

Yay!  Dinobot is awesome. (Btw, each inductee got a dedicated video set to music.   Dinobot's theme is apparently "Welcome to the Jungle.")
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