Posted September 10, 2005 at 6:35 pm
Man, want a fun read? While discussing original Transformers animation designer Floro Dery, watch his associate "ote" slowly erode into a madman over the course of this thread.

Dear lordylord!

EDIT: Maaannn. Moderator freakin' DELETED all the good stuff. Grrrrr.

Nevermind, folks.
Posted September 10, 2005 at 2:10 am
It's September 10. That means it's been 8 years since I started Roomies! in 1997.

This was almost the first year I've had that anniversary that I didn't have a strip up. But, hey, it landed on a Sunday, so that means a comic strip for everybody. And it wasn't intentional, but what better way to commemorate Joe's PSL with some good ol' new-fashioned Joyce/Walky PSL?

Other than it being in color. Hush, you.

J&W! members get a special wallpaper this month to celebrate the anniversary. The rest of you, free strip. Because you would have gotten one today anyway.

Wow, I really pull out all the stops, huh?
Posted September 3, 2005 at 4:50 pm

Finally, my DVD-exclusive Red Exillion (Japanese Hot Shot) came in today. Limited to 500, it was originally supposed to come out last June, but was delayed to late August. As it was so limited, it was pretty expensive, so you don't want to know what kind of art I had to draw to raise that. Well, okay, you probably do, but too bad.

He came with the first Galaxy Force (Transformers Cybertron) DVD and a nifty box to put the rest of the subsequent DVDs that I won't buy (which you can see here, along with lots of other photos). As is obvious to some of you, this version of Hot Shot was designed with many similarities to the original Transformers' Hot Rod, and this redeco colors him accordingly. Which is... not interesting to me, 'cuz I like Hot Shot a lot more than Hot Rod, but anything for awesome new (limited!) Hot Shot merchandise. Hey, at least I like orange, and it's certainly not the first time Hot Shot's been redone in Hot Rod colors.

Due to popular demand, here's a photo of my newly updated Hot Shot Shrine, featuring not only Red Exillion but an Armada Hot Shot magnet I got from Specimen-17 of The Allspark.
Posted September 1, 2005 at 1:38 am

So I've never bought any DC Direct action figures. I'm not really into $15 action figures, and the style didn't really grab me. I tend to like my Batman and Superman more animated or cartoonish. a year ago, they solicited a DC Direct series of figures based on Ed McGuinness' run on Superman/Batman. Ed McGuinness is totally my favorite superhero artist. I want to have five million of his babies. And, so, well, I had to get these.

They're about what I was expecting, quality-wise. If you're not Hasbro, Mattel, or one of the other big companies, your paint's going to be a little sloppy and the toys aren't going to be as sturdy -- Hasbro and Mattel have to worry more about child safety laws and moms and dads and indestructability in the face of toddler toyslaughter. (Which is good -- I prefer my toys oops-proof.) So when I took them out of the packaging, I spent a while pulling off a few hairs stuck to the figure while the paint was drying. I think a koala put these things together.

But after all that's done, these are some very nice figures. Limited movement, but I doubt super poseability was their intention. I wanted 3D replications of Ed McGuinness' art and that was delivered.

(I have to add that his Superman is pretty much definitive for me. The retro squinty-eyed look? Awesome.)
Posted August 25, 2005 at 6:36 pm
506 J&W! subscribers this month, and a few more still trickling in! Wow.

The "Daniel" limited print is now sold out.

Are people seriously interested in a Robin-in-Wednesday's-plaid-outfit print or poster? I heard some rumblings, and I aim to please!
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