Posted June 8, 2010 at 2:01 am
Sometimes other people draw Mike

T Campbell let the cat out of the bag on Friday, so I'm good to let you folks know:  I'm drawing another Fans! storyline!  I know, I know, the last time I drew Fans! it ended forever.  Well, I promise you it won't end forever this time.  (*knock on wood*)  I'm just doing a smaller-scale four-week story.  There's no looming end of the world, but it's no less important to the characters.

Fans! (and writer T Campbell) and I go back a while.  Fans! was a story about a science fiction club that rose to prominence as Earth's most unorthodox government-sanctioned weirdo commando force, so of course it had a crossover with It's Walky!, my tale of an unorthodox government-sanctioned alien commando force.  That was 2003.  In 2005, I drew Fans!'s would-be conclusion during the period between the end of It's Walky! and the beginning of Shortpacked!.

And then in 2008 it came back.  And in 2010 (that's now!) I'm drawing another story, because doing the first one was fun.  It's a different discipline entirely to draw someone else's script versus your own, a creative muscle that I like to flex from time to time.

So next Monday, I'll start linking you my Fans! updates as well as my Shortpacked! updates. Well, at least on the days when I'm not busy at BotCon, anyway.