Posted February 24, 2017 at 2:01 am

Toys from the current Transformers team seem to fall into two categories: Slightly reworked designs of old toys with new Transformations, and.... the old toy, but now with knees.  Titans Return Sixshot is definitely the latter.  He's essentially the original 1987 Sixshot toy with articulation added.  And GUESS WHAT.  I'm happy with him.

Maybe it's because I never had the original toy?  I don't remember being particularly interested in him, anymoreso than with other toys in the Transformers pack-in catalogs from my youth.  Possibly because he was never in any real fiction.  He shows up for three seconds in the cartoon, and spends half a second in each mode, and in the Marvel comic he only appears wadded up into the corner of one panel in a group shot.  Bizarrely, he had an IDW one-shot issue based on him, but even that story never landed with me.  

However, over in the Headmasters anime, he appears a bunch, and in the bad English dub he referred to himself as a "ninja consultant" while the voice actor did all his lines into a paper cup.  That's the most endearing the character has ever been to me.  

But this toy of him, I really like it.  He turns into "six" "things," and while each mode is mostly distinct, they're all obviously made out of the same semblage of parts.  They kind of have to be.  This toy isn't magic.  When you have a toy turn into a robot, a winged wolf, a "submarine," a jet, a car, and a tank, a lot of that toy's parts are going to be pulling double- or triple-duty.  Obviously, the robot limbs also become the wolf limbs.  Obviously, the jet's wings are going to feature in a lot of the other modes.  Obviously, a lot of the non-wheeled modes are gonna have wheels somewhere on them.

The enjoyment, though, is how relatively simple it is to get him from one mode to another.  The trade-off for "six modes all using the same limited amount of parts" is that there's no chore in transformation, and there's so many possible transformations to do.  You're always just a few steps away from another mode, keeping the toy in play.  YOU ARE NEVER SATISFIED.  Wait, that sounds bad.  Well, it's not!

It should come as no surprise that the robot mode is the strongest.  He looks like a robot!  He's got a chest and limbs and a head!  Definitely a robot.  Because Sixshot is Leader Class, he's big enough that his requisite little head-robot-dude only transforms into his face.  His helmet fits around that, and also stows inside the chest while in the other five modes.  This means you technically don't have to remove the head-robot-dude for transformation if you don't want to.  

But if you do, your winged wolf mode is going to be missing the back of his head.  In this mode, the robot face sits directly behind the wolf's skull, filling in that plastic void.  This also gives the winged wolf mode the same Naruto ninja headband the robot mode does (under his helmet).  This is fantastic.  The winged wolf mode itself is okay.  It's good by default just for being a beast mode, as beast modes rock.  But it's fairly perfunctory.  The arms become forelimbs and the legs become hindlimbs.  The gun pegs on as the tail.  

To make a jet you fashion everything into a wedge.  Everything except the wings.  To make a car, you compress everything into a box.  To make a tank, you bend the car in half and fold down the rest of his treads.  

The sixth mode is a submarine.  It is the original toy's gun mode upside-down.

This is hilarious.

I dunno, he's fun to fiddle with.  I like him.  However, he's coming out later in more interesting colors (redecoed with a new head as his own son, Quickswitch) as part of a box set that includes Nautica.  So if you only want the mold once, and also want Nautica, I'd hold out.  I want both versions, because I am eccentric.