Posted June 7, 2014 at 3:01 pm

It's Tankor!  Well, the other Tankor.  The Windblade comic book is currently milking the fact that there's two guys named Tankor hanging around, and their peers have -- without their knowledge -- labeled them "tall Tankor" and "fat Tankor."  Well, let's hope that at some point nobody has to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons to save fat Tankor's life, huh?  

"Squat Tankor" would be a better description, I think.  This is one of those "conservation of toy mass" things that resulted in us getting really short Bulkhead and Lugnut toys back in Animated.   Tankor here was presented as a super-massive large-ass dude in Beast Machines, and so if you want to find some Beast Machines Maximals remotely to scale with this guy, maybe try the McDonald's Happy Meal figures.  

The robot mode makes me super happy!  It's an amazing Tankor robot mode, both in regards to cartoon accuracy and in fun.  He's just this wide slab of awesome.  I love his stubby back-canted tread legs and his large meaty arms.  (his forearms could stand to be more meaty, but they wouldn't fit during transformation if they were any thicker)  He's got a missile launcher (the pressure-release kind the old Cyberjets had) that operates if you pull back on the cannon barrel.  Or ditch the missile.  It's kind of dopey-looking.

Transformation is pretty easy.  You pile his arms into each other, fold his torso down, and peg his legs into his crotch.  It's not terribly accurate to his Beast Machines cartoon tank mode, but that thing transformed via magic anyway, so it's not very surprising.  The robot mode head ends up on top, and that's really the most important thing.

I very much like him!  Especially since he's showing up in Windblade's comic these days.  I think of the toy as that guy more than the Beast Machines guy.

He comes with a comic.  Its pages are insanely out of order.  Yikes.