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Posted August 11, 2011 at 1:08 am
Eeeeeeearly tomorrow morning I'm out the door on my way to Wizard World Chicago! I have to admit here that this is probably the least prepared I've ever been for a convention.  I have been living and breathing nothing more than moving, sorting, arranging, furnituring, and comic stripping for the past month or so.  I am really out of it.  (And I've been really crappy at getting store orders out the door.  I apologize.  I continue to apologize.)

Seriously, I am going to arrive without pants.  I will forget my pants.  That is my state of mind.

Regardless, please come see me.  I packed books in the trunk already!  I'll have those at least!  And I found my posters, which I had to tear the entire new house apart to locate.  And, hey, guess what, I have like half a day's worth of free bookmarks to pass out.  Just Shortpacked!.  No Dumbing of Age bookmarks at all.  I was in serious need of a reorder following ConnectiCon, but that was just one of those many things that fell through the cracks.

So, I am totally slumming Wizard World Chicago.  Which is too bad.  I was really really excited for it, back when moving my everything wasn't my world.  It's a pretty swank show.  And they even put me on their frontpage!  As if I were important!
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