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Posted June 3, 2011 at 3:09 am
UPDATE: I has a table. Look for Bumblebee!

So I'm not gonna have a table at BotCon.  I sent in my California sales permit form weeks ago, and it never came in the mail.  So after getting turned away at registration, I figger, okay, after putting together my customization class figure, I'll travel all the way across LA to Van Nuys to get the form in person.  No big.  Well, SORT of a big.  The trip requires three trains and a bus and then half an hour of walking to get to the office.  So of course after undertaking this FOUR HOUR TRIP, you get to the office and they laugh at you because the place is only open for a half hour more and they require ten more minutes than that to process your form!

I also asked about the form I faxed in weeks ago, wondering, hey, it might already be processed and I can just pick it up.  Ha ha ha, no.  It is not processed yet.  Obviously, California does not want my sales tax money.  I wonder why this state is friggin' broke.

So you go home, time wasted.

And I sure as hell ain't doing it again tomorrow morning.  I got crap I gotta do!

So, I guess, I am not meant to have a table at BotCon.  Things will apparently proceed as they have in years past.  You find me, obvious luau-shirt-wearing self that I am (it's red this year, not orange), and then if you want a book or a poster, I'll have them on me.  In my backpack.  It is the Shortpacked! booth express! I will also be happy to just say hello.

I apologize for the last minute switcheroo.  But unless Fun Pub says "ha ha just kidding you can have your table without the bullcrap form that the state doesn't want to give you ever ever," I'm not gonna be at a table.  (And judging by the sheer number of artist alley folks who ALSO don't have the form, it's going to be a very friggin' empty artist alley indeed.)
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